Thursday, 8 August 2013

An excellent video of Diving in Gozo

A couple of our happy customers have allowed us to share this excellent video of their recent diving holiday to Gozo with other prospective customers.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Changes at Gozo Aqua Sports

After a very long time at Valley view, Rabat Road, we have decided to relocate to new, fresh premises, but dont worry we aren't moving far.....3 doors down = 10metres away!!

Lots of time, effort and work has gone in to this move and finding a home for 30+ years of clutter and diving equipment is no easy task!

Old regulator rack.

old tank store battered and bruised.
rest area near the kitchen

Out with the old and in with the new:

Patricks new workshop

New kitchen/rest area

front office - will be less cluttered eventually!

new kit store.
Slowly day by day we are making progress although it seems a mammoth task.

Will post again with more photos when things look better!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wowee, we have all been really busy here at the dive centre recently, lots of maintenance, servicing, making, cleaning and preparing for this years' season. It seemed never ending but I think we have most things done.

The weather is picking up nicely and spring/summer finally seems to be on its way.With a few bad spells of wind and rain recently the weather looks to be warming up nicely.
Working in a dive centre isn't all about the diving, the planning, preparation and ongoing work seems to be keeping most of us out of the water.

Our website is coming along nicely too, lots of new information has recently been added to is, most noticeably our accommodation pages. We now have a good range of farmhouse and Villa accommodation each with their own private pool (some with 2 ....and a jacuzzi!) Really nicely presented accommodation, well looked after and maintained. We are sure that no-one will be disappointed, so why not take a look.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Discover Discover Discover -...........Newsletter

Now that spring is here its time to start looking forward to summer holidays, if you havent booked anything yet, take a look at our website for some fantastic deals and offers.
Under water there is so much to discover and short of diving in a submarine we believe we have some great ways to entice you to explore the gorgeous coastline around Gozo.
We have a range of ‘Discover ‘courses to enable you to find out more about diving.
At the very start there is the Discover Scuba, a fantastic try dive in one of the shallow bays around Gozo where you will be in the middle of our abundant sealife right from the beginning. Uk try dives are usually done in a swimming pool where you will see plasters, hair and other unpleasant things, so if you have family or friends that haven’t yet had a go at diving, now is the time to encourage them. Discover Scuba – an excellent introductory experience for the non diver to go and see what all the fuss is about.
Our Discover Scuba is €41 per person for a half day session including all equipment hire and transport.
We also offer the Bubblemaker course (€45) which is a dive experience specially tailored for children from 8 years old, so get the whole family can involved.

If you already dive and are looking for a new experience, then why not consider the Discover TEC or Discover Rebreather?
Get your first taste of technical diving without having to commit to a full course. You will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with double tank sets, wing BCD’s, stage deco tanks and other typical elements of technical diving equipment. After a thorough briefing you will then go for a fun dive using full tec kit at one of our scenic dive sites to a maximum depth of 10
metres. Participation in this experience can give you credits towards the TEC 40 course.
Certified as PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.
Minimum of 10 logged dives.
Minimum of 18 years old.
Duration: ½ day
Cost: €70
Price includes: All tuition, transport, equipment rental, tanks & weights.

Want to try cutting-edge dive equipment and learn about rebreather technology? The Discover Rebreather program is your opportunity to try a recreational rebreather in controlled conditions. During the program, you'll learn: the differences between rebreathers and open circuit scuba; about the two basic rebreather types and how rebreathers function. You'll also get in the water for 2 rebreather dives to a maximum depth of 10m. Your Instructor will show you new hand signals specific to rebreather diving and you'll learn what the rebreather is telling you through the handset, heads up display (HUD) and audible alarms. You'll also discover the differences in buoyancy control while descending, ascending and hovering in a rebreather, adjust the mouthpiece and bail out to open circuit.
PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.
Minimum of 15 logged dives & 18 years old.
Duration: 1 day/2 dives
Cost: €120
Price includes: All tuition, transport, use of Explorer Sport Rebreather unit, tanks & weights.
Price excludes: Personal diving equipment

We haven't changed our prices for Guided Diving in 2013 so do take a look at our prices and contact us if you have any queries.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

**New** Rebreather courses starting spring 2013

Great exciting news if you haven't heard about it before, Jason  who happens to be one of our Instructors is currently in the UK at the moment to learn all about rebreather diving. Poor thing must have been getting bored with sanding down the tanks and re painting them, so he took the opportunity to do some more training!
 We have purchased some new Hollis Sport Extreme Rebreather units which we are waiting to be delivered.
As our centre is already set up for Technical and Rebreather divers we are really looking forward to our new additions.
We will be offering PADI Rebreather and PADI Advanced Rebreather courses, obviously it will work out cheaper to do both courses combined and save yourself a few quid.

If you are curious about rebreathers but not sure if you want to invest in one and do the courses why not book a Discover Rebreather experience with us. You will learn a bit about rebreathers - and have a couple of dives too - similar to a try dive just with a Rebreather on your back rather than a single tank.

This is also the perfect opportunity to book a Discover Rebreather experience as a gift for someone who is travelling with you.
Do contact us at for more information on our new Rebreather courses or any of other Recreational or Technical diving courses, or of course our Guided and Independent diving.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Gozo Aqua Sports is now a BSAC Resort Dive Centre

New for 2013:
Gozo Aqua Sports has had many accomplishments over the last 30 or so years, building up a great safety record, expanding in to Technical Diving and now we officially cater for BSAC divers.
We have had thousands of BSAC divers over the years and they have always been happy with the service that we have provided. We haven't shouted about it before and some divers who are BSAC qualified may not have realised that they could dive with us being a PADI 5* IDC Centre.

So we have decided to finally shout about it!

Patrick started out as a BSAC diver so under his guidance we have always been able to easily cater for BSAC divers and their  different requests. But now is the time to acknowledge our dedication to all divers from other diving agencies.

What do we do when we aren't diving?

All of our staff are busy with our annual maintenance of all of our Scuba Equipment.
Jason and Mark have sanded down all of our scuba tanks, given them a couple of base coats and a couple of coats of blue, then spraying on the tank numbers before putting them back in the protective nets and boots ready for the season to begin.
Its tedious work but vital!
They are just finishing the final ones, much to their relief.
Photo: Got to keep the boys busy when they aren't diving!

Mean while... John has the task of servicing all of the shop regulators, 30 in total, this involves taking the first and second stage apart, cleaning and replacing any worn parts. It is very fiddly work, and John has has been pulling his hair ;-) out over the amount of tiny O rings he has dropped or left in the sink, but rest assured all regulators are thoroughly checked before being hung back up.

Photo: John looking a bit bleary eyed, 1 regulator serviced only 30 or so more to go.....

Once the tanks and regulators are done, next job will be BCDS and then checking all the suits and other pieces of kit.
And who said diving was a glamorous job???????